What Is the Meaning of Lawful Captive

5. All those who have violated certain conditions have been subjected in accordance with the articles of war in order to be legally captured. In Isaiah 49:25, God assures us that “.. Even the prisoners of the powerful will be taken away and the prey of the terrible will be released. God is capable, willing, and ready to set you free. He does this so that your prisoners may recognize the sovereignty of your God (Isaiah 49:26). The enemy will see your God as Savior and Redeemer. Our God is ready to help you. Believe. In response, begin to surrender to God, accept His invitation to your salvation, and trust that He can set you free. God loves you too much and it`s good with you, Amen. The Py creatures are subjected to such madness that we, who have to face them, find out! And how difficult it is to take the spoils of the powerful and free these legitimate prisoners, we know all too well.

For this reason, legitimate prisoners are a real case that our God must deal with. The Bible also described these people as “the prey of the powerful.” This means that they will be captured and the kidnapper will sit on top of them, simply waiting to consume them. You may have made decisions that hinder your worship of God. Your marriage may have been built on false foundations – plagued by fornication – and when you think about it, you simply feel helpless: trapped in fact. You might have a disease in your body that stems from decisions you`ve made and accepted. Some financial decisions you`ve made in the past – today you`ve plunged into such debt that you can`t see a way out. All these prisoners are legitimate and do not despair them in hope. “Should we take the loot away from the powerful or hand over the legitimate prisoner?” (Isaiah 49:23 KJV) If man has sinned by coercion, I do not see how one could blame him, but since his sin is voluntary and he ruthlessly chooses evil, clings to it and will not abandon it, slavery becomes all the more repugnant! When iron enters the soul and man becomes a slave, not only by misfortune, but by the very vile lust of the heart and the prostitution of his nature, until he is crushed into a serf of Satan and a chore of sin, his misery justifies him too little compassion! Man has sunk so far that he cannot free himself, does not want to! No one else can set him free. Handcuffed by his hands and feet, the prey of the powerful and the legitimate prisoners – oh, Lord, what can be done for him? Do I hear anyone say, “Maybe as we get older, the power of sin weakens”? I have heard this proposal many times, but my solemn conviction is that if you want the worst of man, you will find them among the oldest people! And if you are looking for a confirmed criminal, you will usually find him with gray hair on his head.

Have you ever noticed in the record of the Church who were the men who fell the strongest? I have never read in the entire book of God such cases of evil defectors among young believers as well as among venerable bulls whose names have become like a tour de force in their generation! The young people were weak and knew it – and God kept them. But Lot was an old man when he committed incest, even though Noah had many years of mature experience and rich honors on his side in front of him when he defiled himself with drunkenness! David was well beyond the prime of his life when he coveted Bathsheba and killed Uriah, her husband, with the sword of the children of Amman. Peter, when he denied his Master, was not a rude recruit! His master had highly praised him and endowed him with rich blessings. The fact is that when we start relying on experience, we become weak! Temptation, instead of weakening with our age, becomes stronger. The passions that we thought would degrade when the heat of youth had evaporated became all the more intense as we became fragile, until certain desires were more prevalent among those who have the least power to satisfy them! In whose chest greed rages with the most indelible fervor, but in that of the man who lingers on the edge of life and is about to leave the world? In fact, in the course of nature, he is the most reluctant to part with the gold he has scraped together! Represent the miser. Can`t you imagine the skeleton with the bald scalp, withered face and fists knocking on the door of death? Ah, no, the devil does not let go of his grip because our eyes darken and our senses blunt. .